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Maamule Foundation


The Maamule Foundation Community Based Organization (MFCBO) was founded on 11 April 2015 by a group of Somali young activists, who came together to improve and upgrade the Somali community in Cairo.

They realized the necessity to establish an organization to contribute to their community needs, as a response to a country wise formation of voluntary institution by various community groups, most of them were youth groups. Likewise, the agencies and other international humanitarian in situations operating in Cairo have encouraged the foundation of youth organizations and promised to improve capacity building in order to create participation at community level in order to achieve sustainable result from the activities to their communities especially youth ,children and women,

But in the actual sense there has been deterioration in the Somali where youth participating is very limited when compare to other community in the Egypt of on the other hand there have been a lot of rumors going on about the security situation organizations realized the needs of their communities and prevailing negligence of the concerned agent they decided to established means of advocacy for their people whose lives been getting worse such an extent as current circumstances, on the other hand MFCBO focusing on to working in the areas of education , HIV/AIDS, FGM and so the organization was established as profile MFCBO detailed.


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Maamule Foundation

Maamule Foundation

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