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Somali Association for Women and Children (SAFWAC) in Egypt was established in Cairo, July 2011. It is a not-profit, non-political social body that seeks to improve the living conditions of Somali women and children who live in Egypt.

There are significant Somali population in Egypt,

Somali Refugees needs are varied, SAFWAC seeks to respond to most pressing immediate needs. These concerns are small but important. So far SAFWAC has opened a community center where we have started offering life skills, counseling services, languages training and educational tours for children.

The Somali women, children and youth have access to social services; their living conditions improved and live a dignified life.

Contribute to alleviating suffering of Somali women and children refugees in Egypt by providing literacy, and life skills training courses and raising the community’s awareness on the challenges and risks it faces through participatory ways.

1. Promoting self-reliance of Somali refugees in Egypt through personal capacity building and skills training courses.
2. Promoting the context of volunteering and contributing to the well being of the community.
3. Social Skills development and promoting positive coexistence with the host community.
4. Establishing linkages between the refugee caregivers and the Somali women and children.
5. Improving and development of the moral and psychological capacity of children.
6. Increasing awareness of Somali women about HIV/AIDS and sexual based violence.
7. Providing literacy and informal education to women and children who missed or cannot access the formal education system.


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