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BOSLA Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Several organizations are dedicated to provide education for migrant children and teenagers. You can check which are they and their information here. Regarding the access to Egyptian public schools, only foreign children of specific nationalities (Sudanese, Libyan, Jordanian, as well as, under certain specific circumstances, children of other nationalities) are able to attend government schools. For private Egyptian schools the access is available for all nationalities.

You can get financial assistance from IOM. Case-workers will decide on the amount you are entitled to depending on your needs, situation and IOM criteria for assistance. Other organizations also offer financial assistance, you can check them here. Also, for other type of assistance, but in the form of materials, such as clothes and medicine you can check the organizations in this link.

IOM will offer help in the pre-departure stage with counselling and pre-departure medical screening, administrative procedures before departure; the transportation stage with airport assistance in Egypt and upon arrival in your country; and in the post-arrival stage, with an elaboration of a reintegration plan if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Several organizations provide medical assistance for migrants. The medical services vary from organization to organization, some of them offer only medical testing and patient screening, some offer assistance for emergencies and some organizations offer financial aid for medical treatment (available for certain nationalities). Also, depending on the type of medical aid needed, age and status, the patient will be directed to a different hospital or clinic for tests or a doctor’s consultation. Please check the organizations that offer those services here. Regarding Egyptian Public Health services, access this link.

At IOM for example, the medical services are as follow: there is a medical screening to evaluate the patient needs. Then, a referral is made to a hospital according to the medical specialty and home location of the patient. If needed, a guide and translator is also provided. Last but not least, the expenses of the medical treatment can be covered according to the availability of funds.

IOM can offer services for people who have not registered at UNHCR. Other categories to be assisted by IOM include:

    • A migrant who has been in Egypt for more than six months and is:
      • A passport holder with no intention of registering with UNHCR;
      • A passport holder that might register with UNHCR
    • An exploited migrant
    • A UNHCR rejected or closed file
    • A UNHCR appointment slip holder who has more than one month until registration

Please discuss with a member of our staff if you have been residing in Egypt for less than one month and need advice of what services are available in Egypt.

IOM stands for International Organization for Migration. IOM works to help ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international cooperation on migration issues, to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people.

IOM Egypt provides financial, medical and educational assistance for migrants in Egypt who are residing in the country for more than 6 months and have not registered with UNHCR, Closed files holders, and UNHCR appointment slip holders. Also, IOM can help you to return to your country of origin.